Help Us Find Sugar Pines on the Truckee Ranger District

Specifically, we need GPS points for sugar pines on the Truckee Ranger District so that we can collect and submit needle samples for genetic testing.

If you are rambling about and see a sugar pine tree, please take a photo, GPS the location and send BOTH to us!

There have been some really exciting advances in white pine blister rust research that now allow scientists to DNA test sugar pine needles to determine if the tree has the blister rust resistance gene. This will greatly speed up the process for growing and planting blister rust resistant trees. The Sugar Pine Foundation will be going out in the field to collect needles for this research project, but we need your help to know where to go to find sugar pines within the Truckee Ranger District. Your entries will allow us to create 10 sites for field work where we can collect needles for this research!

Please email entries to with the subject line “TRD NEEDLE COLLECTION”

All who participate will be entered to win awesome prizes from local businesses to be announced at the end of June! Winners will be notified in July!

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