Welcome Caitlin Firestone to our Board!

We are thrilled to introduce and welcome Caitlin Firestone to our Board of Directors. Caitlin is a self proclaimed tree hugger who originally hails from the Midwest and is now based in Reno, NV. She has a Masters Degree in Special Education from San Francisco State University and a background in rehabilitation education for adults with vision loss. She and her family have participated in a number of plantings with the SPF, plus Caitlin helped organize a fundraising and awareness event for the SPF through a film screening of “The Call of the Forest” at Patagonia’s Reno Outlet store. Caitlin is an avid hiker and forest frolicker who is deeply grateful for the opportunity to help support SPF’s forest restoration, education and outreach work.

She joined the Board because she is inspired by and wants to help advance SPF’s mission and reforestation work, which gives community members the opportunity to make a direct impact on improving the environment by planting native trees.

One silly fact about Caitlin is that she is “the reigning chubby bunny marshmallow champion” in her family! As you can probably tell: Caitlin is a lot of fun!

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