Welcome: Kristianne Hannemann to our Board!

Kristianne grew up in Southern California and now calls Tahoe “home” along with her husband and two young girls. She received her doctorate in pharmacy from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and has served many communities as a pharmacist, including working at the South Lake Tahoe CVS Pharmacy. She now works remotely.

Kristianne and her family are standout community volunteers that have planted and carefully tended their own seedlings in addition to attending various planting and watering events with the SPF. This summer, Kristianne and her family took it upon themselves to water the Caldor Fire bulldozer line seedlings planted on Earth Day.

Kristianne joined the SPF Board to support the SPF’s mission of improving and restoring forest health in the face of climate change. Kristianne has already helped teach local students about the “Web of Life” and is a true asset on our Board!

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